Julius Brown
Artist Statement

I project large-scale ambient visual images. Through my installations of these musically influenced visuals, I attempt to promote novel free-thinking and expansive meditative experiences for my audience affecting them at sub-conscious levels. My image-layering techniques open windows into previously unseen virtual planes, resulting in an awakened state of non-directed awareness. Subtle feedback relationships develop between the audience and the enhanced environment resulting in an intense immediacy.

My original research focuses on exploration of the synergistic relationship between music and images. This work relies on an expansive custom tool set developed independently through years of research and is made unique by application software I create specifically to generate visuals. My sources of imagery are the relationships among mandalas, dreams, metaphysics, music and chant.

I plan to continue my research in the areas of eye-brain visual-music processing. This research furthers my efforts to develop computer graphic software moving viewers into new dimensions of experience.